First off, yes, I know Vegas Vic should have a "c" and not a "k". I'll tell you how that came about. Several years ago, I had an AOL account, and somewhere along the way, I had the screen name "VegasVic". At some point after, I cancelled that AOL account. Eventually, I again signed up with AOL and tried to use "VegasVic" again. However, someone else had it already. I still liked the name, so I just made it with a "k". There. That's how that happened.

The picture above is during the original construction in 1946. Note the checkered shirt. When I was a kid, he had a solid yellow colored shirt. He's now been restored to his original checkered attire. Yeah! It'll open larger in a separate window if you click on it. You can see the workers on his arm. That gives you a good size comparison.

I remember as a kid, watching him when we'd drive down Fremont Street. He looked so cool to me. A giant cowboy! What could be better than that? If you wait long enough, you'll see him move there on the right. It's about 272k or something, so be patient. Oh, and I made it myself. Kinda proud of that thing...

Below, you'll find some links to news articles about the real "Vegas Vic" and how he's been brought back to life. He lives again, and in all his original splendor!

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